Let’s talk motivation. The sound of my alarm gently brings me out of my sleep; I open my eyes, grab my phone, switch off the alarm and bounce out of bed. Massive smile spreads across my face, I feel energetic and ready for my 6am workout.

Sounds familiar?

Maybe not. Well…not to me.

Let’s get one thing straight – I do not ‘bounce’ out of bed (regardless whether I have had an early night or not), energy levels can be questionable, and I certainly do not smile at that time of the morning. I doubt I can muster any type facial expression at that point.

I am no stranger to early morning workouts. Having to juggle an office job and teaching in the fitness studios means I quite often either squeeze in a morning workout, or teach an early class before running off to the office.

So let’s talk motivation, or perhaps just plain old self-discipline – how do we cultivate it? One of the comments I get is quite right, if you are used to being an early bird, then it’s no bother.

However, how do you build that habit, which will to get out of the warm sheets into sobering cold morning air (if you are in the UK and its not currently the 3 weeks of summer that we get). I can share the easiest ‘hack’ that I have used and am still using to make my early mornings easier, you can use this simple trick to build your early riser habit, or at least get yourself to morning class twice a week.

So what is it??

Simple – set yourself up the night before. Well duhhh you may say. But what I mean here is REALLY set yourself up. Choose what you will wear for workout down to every single detail and have it all ready right NEXT to your bed. I lay out underwear, sports top, hoodie, leggings, socks, and trainers all ready for me to roll out of bed and put on without thinking. Your bag – pack it to every detail – your daytime/work outfit for after the workout, toiletries, make-up, towel, wallet, keys, umbrella, etc. etc. etc.Emma Oba tall fitness workouts motivation gym height tallguides magazine tall guides

Image: Emma Oba

Your bag should then be placed next to your door along with your jacket. This means that after you have just rolled out of bed, got yourself into your workout outfit, you can zombie shuffle to your front door, throw on the jacket, pick up your bag and go.

If you take morning smoothie, or have packed lunch there is an extra step – shuffle your way to the fridge to grab your food before you go.

That’s it.


It does mean that you have to be extremely organised the night before. But that is so much easier than having to think of all that at 5/6am.

This hack really works if you think of every single detail. I know sometimes we kind of pack our bag. And kind of plan what to wear. Then the next morning we end up pottering about. Getting out our workout clothes, grabbing bits and bobs, keys, wallet, glasses, think about what jacket to wear, think about whether to take an umbrella, and on and on… already sounds exhausting to do all that at 6am, right?

Getting up may still be difficult, but when you open your eyes at the sound of the alarm, and take a look though the sleepy haze at all of the items that have been carefully laid out…

Would you really turn your back and hit that snooze button?!

Need More Motivation?

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