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My name is Annemarie and I’m the founder of I LOVE TALL. I don’t have a fashion industry background and my professional career has been spent in logistics for the oil & gas industry. My work meant that I lived and worked as expatriate all over the globe and the world was my playground.

I started the I LOVE TALL brand in Zurich in 2012 and in 2016, we expanded to open up or Hamburg store – a generous space with lots of room to browse and try on tall fashion. On our website and in both of our stores, we offer trendy fashion especially designed to fit women over 5’9 / 180cms tall.ilovetall i love tall zurich hamburg tallguides magazine height tall guides

As a newcomer to the fashion industry, I have had a lot to learn but without past knowledge and experience in this field, I am able to look at fashion from a different viewpoint and this is a great position to be in.

I never liked my height and growing up in a village in Switzerland (where the majoritry of people are not necessarily tall), didn’t make accepting my height any easier. By making height the main focus of my business and having clothes that fit me well, I grew to love my extra inches. At first, I was not used to having tall women around me. Now that I am surrounded by many customers and colleagues who are taller than me, I secretly envy their extra height and sometimes wish I was even taller!

It is really interesting to see how or feelings can change when we embrace a different perspective. With the I LOVE TALL website and also the stores in Zurich and Hamburg, I want to extend the opportunity to other tall women who might not have yet made peace with their height.ilovetall i love tall zurich hamburg tallguides magazine height tall guides

We work with different manufacturers. However, in order to meet our requirements and our customers’ expectations in terms of style and price, we have started producing blouses, tops, dresses and jackets ourselves under the label I LOVE TALL. By producing our own collection, we can assure a fair production process, because we work directly with the production companies and know their local workers – this aspect is very important to us.

We produce the I LOVE TALL collection in Turkey, where we are free to produce what we like and more importantly, what we think our tall customers might like. We are continuously growing our collection and the vision for I LOVE TALL is to offer casual every day wear in tall length as well as some business styles. We’re especially keen on producing versatile styles that can be easily combined for different looks. It is a significant milestone for us to be able to produce our own collection and fill a niche in the market for tall customers.ilovetall i love tall zurich hamburg tallguides magazine height tall guidesYou can find more details about us and shop the collection over on the website or pop in to one of our stores in Zurich or Hamburg.

ilovetall i love tall zurich hamburg tallguides magazine height tall guides