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Can women really pull off a tie trend? I think so! Ties are one of my favourite fashion items; they are so versatile and can easily bring a unique twist to any outfit.

The tie, formerly an accessory worn mostly by men for formal purposes, has now evolved into women’s contemporary fashion. To me, a tie represents power; with a hint of authority and dominance. It can be formal, casual, nerdy or playful depending on how you style it…

Here are 5 of my Top Tips on how to rock the tie!

1. Pick Your Colour Scheme

Pick a colour scheme, be it monochrome or multi-coloured and ensure that the colours are in sync. Helpful hint: don’t go for too many colours at once!Elizabeth Tie Tall Woman

2. Know Your Knots

If you are going to wear ties and rock this this look, then it’s important to know how to tie them properly – tight and firm! Here are 4 types of knot for you to try out.tie knots tall women

3. Size your tie knot to match your shirt collar

This may be too much to process for just wearing ties, but I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well! In my extensive tie wearing opinion, the wider the angle between the collar (like in the spread and cutaway), the larger the tie knot should be. If this is a step to far for you, a small well knotted tie will do!collar tie tall women fashion

4. It is all in the length

The most appropriate length for a necktie to finish is around waist level, however if you are wearing a vest or waistcoat over the tie, then length doesn’t mattertall women in ties

5. Accessorize!

Yes you can accessorize your ties – try these for size! a, Tie tacks b, Tie chain c, Tie cliptie accessories

Fashion rules are there to be broken, it happens all the time and that’s how new fashion trends are created. Let me know your opinions on wearing ties and I’d love to know how you style them.