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Whether it’s someones birthday, Mother’s Day or just because; give a gift you made with your own hands. It’ll get your creative juices flowing, save you money and it will be treasured more than a shop bought gift . Here are 18 DIY gift ideas to get you thinking.

Simplicity At Its Bestmothers day handmade tall women

1. A ‘things I love about you’ Jar – write out messages from the heart

2. A silver bracelet – Re-purpose old silverware into a trendy new accessory

3. Heart string wall art – you’ll be surprised at what you can create with nails, wood and string – head to google for more inspiration

4. Contemporary heart art – wrap thick wool or string around wire to create something beautiful

5. Butterfly wall art – there are so many stunning variations of this simple art. Use it to decorate a card, make a picture or stick it straight on the wall. Hit google images and prepare to be amazed

6. Body scrub – so simple, indulgent and easy on the purse strings; check out our recent coconut oil post for ideas

Say It With Flowersmothers day handmade tall women

7. Paper flowers bouquet – Get crafty and create the ultimate long-lasting bouquet

8. Succulent planters – spray tin cans and decorate with string for a colour coordinated set of planters

9. Simple flower arrangement – use three different bottles with the same flowers to create a hipster vibe

10. A flower arrangement with a difference – incorporate fruit & veg to give flowers arrangements an interesting twist

11. Hedgerow table decorations – springtime means interesting and bright hedgerows so if you’ve left it really last minute, head out into nature and create a stunning table display that doesn’t give the game away!

12. Herb planters – make herb planters with old tin cans that’ll look and smell great on any kitchen window sill

A Treat She Can Eatmothers day handmade gifts tall women

13. Biscuits – so simple to make and when you’re done, you can personalise them to create a thoughtful and delicious treat

14. Cupcakes – simple, simple, simple so get creative with your toppings

15. Dipped strawberries – Reasonably priced strawberries are back on the supermarket shelves so create a beautiful box of dipped strawberries and you’re bound to impress

16. Peppermint cream squares – whip up and pop them in a pretty gift box or decorate a paper bag for an edible homemade treat

17. Cream Tea – Make a quick homemade strawberry jam and bake some scones for a quintessentially English cream tea in under an hour

18. Homemade healthy Nutella – YUM, need we say more!

These ideas can be used as inspiration for birthdays and other celebrations. Why not give handmade gifting a try and see the look on someones face when they realise you’ve taken the time to make them something.

If you have any homemade gift ideas, please share in the comments below.