When you need a new pair of leggings, who better to ask for recommendations than Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model & Tall Guides contributor, Pollyanna

I get asked this question more than often so here’s my favourites for you taller ladies out there!

I only wear full length leggings. I’m not a fan of 3/4 length as once on me they look like awkward length shorts! I’m 5’11 so when it comes to buying leggings the key thing for me has to be LENGTH. They’ve got to be long enough. Oh, and Squat proof, of course. I also like the higher waisted leggings. I bought some Better Bodies ones once and whilst they were a good length, they sat really low on my hips and I just do not like that design – it always feels like they are falling down. I like to feel like I’m secure and can give them a good yank up! 

 Anyway, this is where I get my leggings from, in no particular order:-


I get the majority of my leggings from TKMaxx. They stock a wide range of very good quality, functional, designer labels, and they just tick all the boxes for me. I love something  a bit different and they always have really cool patterned leggings. I don’t think I’ve ever been into TKMaxx and left empty handed! They are also extremely reasonable on price too. Look at their online range as they tend to have way more online than they do in store!

H & M

I’ve had a few gems from H&M. Really fashionable designs and relatively good quality. The only thing I’d say is they’re not 100% squat proof and the length for us taller bunch isn’t fab unless you like more of a 3/4 length look, but as I said you can find good leggings in there so give them a try. They have a much more extensive sportswear range online too so make sure you look there too!


My LFT-IT Black Mesh ones are still my favourite leggings EVER. If it’s leg day, they’re going on. They’re the most squat proof leggings I own and they are so comfy, made with top quality Brazilian lycra and super high-waisted.  I wear them so often out of the gym too. I love the design of them.  Check out the full range of LFT-IT clothing on the website


You’re probably thinking “PUMA”?!?!  Yes, Puma. I only own one pair of Puma leggings but I have had them for ages and they are still as good as new today – amazing quality. A friend of mine has a few pairs and I have admired them from afar lots of times. I actually ordered two more pairs as I wrote this post because they had a sale on (go go go!). So yes, it’s definitely worth checking out the Puma site for leggings, they have some really cool designs and they are of a very good quality – nice and long too!  

I’m ALWAYS up for hearing where I can get my hands on more long-length leggings so please feel free to comment below and let me know what you’d recommend…

Tall Guides Loves:tall leggings

1. ATHLETA 2. SWEATY BETTY 3. PIXIE – a Dutch brand offering affordable made to measure options

…and if you’re feeling creative!