I want to wear heels… but I’m too tall. Maybe I should just go with flats… but this outfit would be straight up fabulous with heels

This article is for tall ladies who actually want to wear heels but aren’t bold enough to do so. If wearing heels is just not your style, that’s absolutely OK! The ‘heels-debate’ is definitely among one of our regular tall dialogues. I suspect that most of us have felt, at some point in our lives, that heels just weren’t made for us. I know I have.

First of all, what exactly were heels made for? An elegant and fashionable footwear solution aimed at creating the illusion of longer and slender legs, whilst adding a few extra inches. However, different women have different reasons for wearing heels. Some simply wear them to be taller, while others wear it to make their outfit more captivating. Whatever the reason, the transformation that heels bring to an outfit cannot be overlooked.

Some of you may ask; ‘Well, if heels make me taller, why should I (as an already tall lady) consider wearing them? I mean, wouldn’t that be awkward?’ The answer is up to you. I want to list the the reasons I choose to wear heels, in the hope that it encourages someone else to do the same.

6 Reasons I Wear High Heels

high heels

1.  It makes my outfit go from a 0 to a 100. As stated earlier, heels can make an outfit look beyond fabulous. Why should I miss out on style because of my height?

2. If it intimidates you, then maybe you should be intimidated! I’ve been told on more than one occasion ‘you are too tall, don’t stand next to me’. I’ve simply just moved aside (looking fabulous, of course!) and decided that I’m not going to let other people’s insecurities affect me.

3. Wearing heels makes me feel confident and being confident attracts confident people. I also feel like I inspire people through my confidence as well.

4. I’m equally as inspired by strong, confident women who wear heels. And they look amazing in them.Tall Celebrites

Uma Thurman : 6’0, Queen Latifah : 5’10, Gisele Bündchen : 5’11, Michelle Obama : 5’11, Karlie Kloss : 6’2, Elle Macpherson : 6’0  plus so many more……

5. I love my long legs. I love the way heels elongate average length legs and I love how they look even more when paired with long legs. The phrase, ‘legs for days’ is definitely in order. This alone gives me a certain kind of confident vibe.

6. I love the attention and power that my height commands. Being the tallest in the room most of the time, we can definitely catch people’s attention, especially in a pair of killer heels. One of my favourite quotes is by Harry Winston “People will stare, make it worth their while“.

I believe that with everything you do in life, you should choose to do it well and with confidence. People can sense timidity like a shark senses blood. The point I’m trying to make here is that when you choose to wear heels, wear them with your head held up high. You shouldn’t be thinking about how intimidating you might look or how you could be making the person next to you feel. It’s your body, your feet and your shoes. It’s YOU that should feel good about how you look – no-one else.

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to head out in a fabulous pair of heels. Accept that you are tall, LOVE that you are tall… and most importantly, have fun with it!

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