One of the many things I am obsessed with here in Team Tall is the ‘love your difference’ mantra, and here’s why:

We’re different for a reason.

Yes, me… and yes, you!

Has that ever occurred to you before?

I’ve always loved the theory of the ‘ripple effect’, and often come back to it when I’m trying to make sense of things, or find comfort in the unknown.

The concept – very loosely – is that one miniscule event or situation produces effects which continue to spread outwards, creating even further effects… hence being compared to the ripples we notice after lobbing a pebble into a pond.

And, (if you could just bear with me so I can don my flower-power shirt and peace-sign necklace) the most magical point is that we can never truly know how far our ripples of positivity reach, nor they impact they will have on the world around us. It’s, like, totally groovy.tall guides magazine license to live height tallguides magazine for tall women teamtall

Obviously, being a tall group of women is the common theme here, so let’s run with that for a second.

Sallee Poinsette-Nash, founder of Tall Guides Magazine, would never have brought this community together had she not realised that her height brought a special purpose into her life. And without being a tall woman who somehow found this Teamt Tall community, many of us wouldn’t have met or connected with special new people, or discovered this badass magazine.

And when we dig into our own stories for a sec, there are even more reasons why it matters that we’re different.

It matters for the shy 11-year-old tall girl, who saw you on the train and felt encouraged by the ease in which you held yourself and your height.

It matters for the gorgeous guy or gal who was blown away you as soon as you walked into the room, whose life will never be quite the same again.

It matters for the teenage boy who walked past you in the street, and went straight home to secretly sketch out a new dress with you in mind, for his big dreams of glossy fashion magazines.

Aside from height, your other differences matter, too. It could be your sharp humour, or maybe it’s your huge heart. Perhaps it’s your filthy laugh, or your ability to make others feel at ease.

The special concoction of qualities that make you who you are are there for a reason… and the impact you have, just by loving those differences, is greater than you will ever really know.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Ghanditallguides share it