As we kicked off the month of October, I headed out to Amsterdam to meet up with Karen of I’ve travelled extensively and I’ve always loved Amsterdam. Prior to the creation of TALL GUIDES, its been one of only a handful of places on the planet where I got to experience blending in; a place where shopping is easy, locals are at eye level and even the houses stand tall!Karen reached out to me about a month after I started the TALL GUIDES twitter account earlier this year. Having a significant following on my personal account, people contacting me via social media certainly wasn’t new to me but what happened next was! Karen was the first person from social media that I’d EVER met in person… which at the time was a really big deal. (Yup, probably giving away my not so ‘down with the kids‘ age there!) We’ve gone on to become friends and in the last 6 months have met up in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. Hopefully that list will go on to include Thailand, Japan and Indonesia :)I’ve since met many tall women in person after initially connecting on social media, all of whom have added a bunch of inspiration and support to my TALL GUIDES journey but Karen will forever get to keep the title of being my first ever twitter friend, who morphed into a real life friend!

I’ve been testing out different types of TALL GUIDES events over the past 3 months (there’s an update to come on how that’s going to look) and this trip to The Netherlands was to co-host a tall women’s brunch in the beautiful restaurant at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. A great excuse to catch up with Karen and the added bonus of being able hang out with more like-heighted, friendly Dutch women – a win win situation!The impressive EYE building was designed by Delugan Meissl architects, who specialise in buildings that appear to be in motion and the restaurant boasts stunning views of the IJ harbour and Amsterdam’s Central Station. It was here that we congregated and got to know each other whilst sipping prosecco against a beautiful backdrop.I was the only non-Dutchie and I was made to feel really welcome by all of the women. Both Marge Clothing and Tall Order Clothing had kindly sent gifts for all the ladies and the Chairwoman of the Dutch Tall Clubs, who had joined us for brunch, also brought along a goodie bag for each of the ladies.

Brunch came to a leisurely end and we travelled back across the water to head to a Long Tall Sally pop up, which was in town for the weekend before saying our final goodbyes – Vaarwel, Tot gauw! (really hoping google translate hasn’t let me down here!)I’d like to extend a long tall thank you / dank je to Karen and all of the fabulous women who joined us for brunch as well as to Marge Clothing, Tall Order Clothing and Klub Lange Mensen for making the weekend a very enjoyable one indeed.

If you or your brand is interested in hosting or co-hosting a TALL GUIDES event, please get in touch