I’ve been health and fitness fanatic from a very young age. When I started school I was a Gymnast. In comprehensive school I was a Competitive Swimmer and Athlete, and during my teens I was a cardio bunny. Nine years on and I LOVE lifting heavy stuff! I’m massively into my weight training and in 2015 I competed for the first time with the UKBFF qualifying at my regional show and going on to make top 12 at the British Finals in the Bikini Fitness category. I’m not a Personal Trainer, neither am I a Nutritional expert – just someone passionate for living a happy, healthy lifestyle, and helping inspire others to do the same. These are my top tips for sticking to your fitness goals.

1. Make it non-negotiable

Do not tell yourself that you can cop out.  “Oh one day won’t hurt”.  OK… no, in the grand scheme of things one day might not hurt, however, as soon as you start telling yourself that one day here and there is OK, it’s a downward spiral.  Training sessions and nutrition start to slip and risk hindering your progress. Keep your focus and stay in control.

2. Make it actionable

Be clear about what actions you are going to take in order reach your goal.  For example, if you want to get more organised and prep your food for the week ahead, the action required is to set a couple of hours aside every Sunday evening to get it done.  Get prepared and set an alert on your phone for 6-8pm!

3. Set a deadline

Set a realistic date that you want to accomplish your goal by.  Don’t commit to “as soon as possible” – there’s no point in adding unnecessary stress, but some pressure is healthy.  Deadlines are important when setting any goal.  They push us on and help us to prioritise “life” and everything in between. 

4. Schedule it in

Keep a diary of your workouts and any other other actions and tasks you wish to put into play.  Treat them like appointments. Writing down what you want to achieve is the first step towards making them happen – Stay accountable!

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“Be stronger than your excuses”

5. Find solutions for your excuses

Figure out your most common excuse for not doing something.  You “can’t be bothered”, or you “don’t have time”.  You need to build strategies to deal with these excuses, because they are exactly that… excuses.  If you don’t have time – make time!  Decide what you want your priorities for the day to be, and get them done.

6. Do it every day

Keep it up! The more you do something and the more something is part of your everyday life, the less you’ll have to think about it and the more it becomes “life”.  Fitness isn’t a seasonable hobby to me. It’s a lifestyle!

7. Alter your focus

Don’t focus on how far you have to go – look at how far you have come already.  It’s important to give yourself a little praise.  Your accomplishments are worth celebrating – however big or small.  Enjoy the progress you have made and let it empower you to achieve more.  

Now, go get that goal!

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