It’s a feeling we can all identify with.

We’re wanting to move forwards; hoping to see things change and even daydreaming about what’s around the corner, but for some reason we just feel… STUCK.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve even had nightmares where I’m desperately trying to move forwards but my legs are stuck in a thick, black, treacle-like substance that keeps me rooted to the spot. And there’s no getting through it, no matter how hard I wriggle.

Back in reality, where (thankfully) black treacle is not the root cause of our stillness; this feeling of being stuck is usually due to one of two things:

1. You genuinely haven’t got a clue what to do next.

2. You have some ideas about what needs to happen next, but something is stopping you from taking action.

We’ve all been there, and whilst it might not be as physically messy as the treacle dream, it still feels pretty gross.

So, here are a couple of remedies to help you feel a bit less… well… sticky.

1. Reach out

Not only will you be amazed with how many people either have been in/are currently in a similar situation to you, you’ll also be reminded that people genuinely want to help you out.

Who can you talk to who can give you some pointers on how to get moving again? Is there someone who is several steps ahead on the path you’d like to be on? Give them a call/Facebook message/carrier pigeon. Us ladies are a collaborative breed by nature, so let’s work together on this to get some actions in place.

2. Look within

It’s easy for us to look to external forces and blame them for keeping us stuck in the same space. What’s tricky (but oh-so necessary) for us to do, is to look within and spend some time figuring out what we’re doing, which is keeping us rooted to the spot.

Negative self-talk, self-doubt, feeling undeserving of change… So often, the things that are keeping us stuck are our own limiting beliefs. This is particularly evident when we repeat similar patterns of behaviour… otherwise recognised as making the same ‘mistakes’.

My tip here would be to go somewhere quiet and peaceful, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and honestly ask yourself why you’re stuck. Deep down there’s a part of you that knows why, you just have to ask. Knowledge is power – even if it feels a bit uncomfortable to seek it out.

We all have limiting beliefs, trust me… But by knowing what they are we can start looking them in the eye, and take the power away from them.

3. Do something out of your ‘norm’

Break your cycle of feeling stuck by doing something new. Go somewhere different at the weekend; try a cooking a new meal, or have a go at something you’ve been eyeing up but have never tried before. Nothing inspires quite like variety, to blow away the cobwebs!

4. Tune in!

In our recent podcast with our awesome bestie, Polly (from ‘Keeping Curious’), we had a brilliant girl-chat about exactly how to unstickourselves when we feel like this, and shared some of our best-kept secrets!

From managing self-doubt to living authentically, and from finding answers in creative ways… it’s all here! If you’re looking for ‘that thing’ which will spark some ideas for you, you can listen to the podcast here and get started on moving yourself forwards.

And of course – you can click here to check out Pol’s amazing website and Facebook group, designed to help all creatives stay inspired. She’s a real gem, and we know you’ll love her as much as we do.

Happy listening!

Where do you rank on the stuck-o-meter?