Not this again.

Aren’t you sick of it yet?

The pre-shower ritual. Starkers. Standing in front of your bathroom mirror. Hating everything you see, leaning in to smooth out your wrinkles with your fingers …breathing in.

Look again.

Look harder. You are a machine. You are a queen. You are a woman.

Your feet aren’t smooth and dainty. Dainty, small, manicured feet would be no use to a woman like you. You have used them to stomp the ground on your way to work. To chase your children whilst impersonating a monster from a far away land. Those feet have worked, they have taken you along so many paths and there’s still more to come. Let’s hope they stay strong.

Look at those legs. The thighs that your children have sat on whilst you read them their favourite story or while you kiss their tears away. The calves your better half kissed and stroked. The stretch marks at your hips as you grew taller and stronger than most.curvy body confidence positive tall women tallguidesYour stomach. Don’t breathe in. Remember how your ribs lifted and your organs moved as you grew bones and flesh from a single egg. Your body transformed, you grew another inside you. Stretch marks. Don’t you love them yet? Your skin tore and healed. You ribs lowered again and fit your organs back to where they were. Super human woman.

Your shoulders are wide and so they need to be. Think of everything you have carried in your life. Emotionally and physically. Drop your shoulder blades back and stand taller you Queen.


You have dark circles and wrinkles because you’re the first to wake and the last to sleep. You plan and prepare. You don’t switch off. You know what people need before they do. You’ll be awake at 4am listening to your baby grizzle with a fever. You’ll be in the shower planning your day ahead and your next steps. You’ll be on your lunch break planning the meal for this evening. You’ll be eating your food barely tasting as you think back on your day and what there is to do tomorrow. You never stop.

How dare you hate what you see.

How dare you doubt what your body has become and what more it can do.

Put yourself on the pedestal you deserve to be on and stay there.

How do you feel about your body?

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