I love attending the hair salon. It’s so nice to be pampered every now and then, from someone who knows how to do it. But in Italy, there is a time of the year when this ritual takes on an entirely different light: the Easter weekend.

I’ve always wondered why women have to be at the hairdresser in the days leading up to Easter. Italian women are known for their style and paying attention to how they look. But during Easter time, unlike other holidays, there is something more. It’s as if a special energy draws them in…elena italian tall hair tallguides

Could it be the arrival of spring? Is it the unfolding of the flowers and their powerful scent intoxicating the mind? Maybe it’s the desire to go out after winter, to discover, to bloom… Could these be the reasons why women, at Easter time in particular, feel the need to become more beautiful? In religious terms, Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and as every modern woman knows, the best place to be resurrected is at the hairdressers! A truly magical place where caterpillars become butterflies and transformation takes place at the skilled hands of the master of the hair.

For people whose cultural rituals are linked to religion, Easter is the most important celebration of the year in Italy but it is also a spring festival, celebrating new life after the apparent death of winter. During Easter time Italian women come alive as they prepare to bloom again. They head straight to the capable hands of their trusted hairdresser, who, with scissors and brush, erases winter’s sadness and gives them glory and magnificence once again!

elena italian tall hair tallguides

They leave the hairdresser feeling invincible, perfect and fearless. As beautiful (and sometimes seriously over-styled) goddesses, they are now ready for lavish Easter lunches and Easter Monday picnics, chocolate eggs and colomba* with candied fruit. Italy is not only the home of stylish people but more importantly, of good food!

So, ladies, these are my top three tall girl tips for celebrating Easter, Italian-Style;

1. Apply lipstick before and after eating chocolate eggs, colomba* or any dessert your tradition will offer you.

2. Don’t hesitate to wear the outfit which makes you to look like a star… even though you will be eating all day long with your friends and family.

3. If you didn’t have time to visit your hairdresser, just relax and give it a quick brush – nobody will notice… unless, of course, you have Italian friends!

*colomba pasquale is a typical Italian cake made during Easter with candied fruit.

Italian women are among some of the most stylish out there. Which of these favourite Italian style choices gets your vote?