Comfort zones can be bitches.

Sweet as pie to your face, and naaasty behind your back. We idolise their existence… And then we learn that they don’t always make us feel very good about ourselves.

So HOW the heck do we actually get out of our comfort-traps, without feeling so overwhelmed that we run – traumatised – back into their familiar (if suffocating) embrace?

Leading on from my Tall Guides mini-series around all things shake-yo-life-up, I promised that after asking you to consider:

1) If you’re actually just BORED with your life right now (ouch); and

2) To explore, celebrate and roll-around-in all of the confidence boosting goodies in life that you’ve already nailed….

… That I would then tell you exactly HOW you can stretch our comfort zones, all over again.

So, here is my tried and tested zone-busting formula. You’ll need a pen and paper if you prefer a bit of old-school scribbling, or copy this out into a fresh new document and fill in your own blanks. (I’m excited already for you!! Get ready for some pure gold inner-work!).

Elaborate generously and provide as much detail as you can. The more you can brain-dump, the better you’ll see exactly how the changes you want can (and will!) work out for you.tall women confidence tall girls tallguides magazine licencetolive tall guides height

1. Identify your challenge

What have you been putting off? What are you holding yourself back from? Where are you due a stretch? Where have you been hanging out in Stuckville?

2. Specify your desired outcome

 What will your end result look like, in your dream scenario? How will you know when you’ve reached this goal? How will it feel? What impact will this have on you, and your life?

3. Counteract your fears with evidence

Take the power out of your fears by outing them. What are you scared of regarding this challenge? Be brutally honest! Next, identify when you’ve felt like this before, but where you’ve overcome it. What helped you through it? Knowing you’ve triumphed in the face of these fears before; how confident are you that you can do it again?

4. Sort your kit out.

 In order to reach your goal, what are you going to need? Which resources/support/experts/squad members can you call upon? What and who will help you get there as quickly, effectively and happily as possible? Self-care, accountability, angry rock music…? You know what helps YOU best – so line it up!

5. Commit your first 3 baby steps to paper.

 Take action. Identify your 3 initial baby steps, plus when, where and how you’ll complete them. Put them in your diary and get crack-a-lackin’. Once you’ve achieved your first 3 steps, rinse and repeat this process. When you feel your resistance kicking in because your comfort zone has expanded again, revise the formula… and start again at ‘Number 1’.

The best part is; once you’ve completed this activity and set that relentless little ball in motion, you can revert back to these questions whenever you find yourself hitting a road block. Try it – it really works!

As for me, I did promise last week that I’d spill the beans about my own next comfort-zone push. So, here it is…

On 2nd December I’ll be competing in an Ultra White Collar Boxing match, all in aid of raising money for Cancer Research UK. In front of 700+ people. With just 8 weeks of training under my belt. YIKES.

Out of my comfort zone? I’M SO FAR OUT I CAN’T EVEN SEE IT. Seriously. That zone is a stranger to me right now. We no longer speak.

But it’s a truly fantastic cause, a personal challenge I’ll benefit from on almost every level, and I’m genuinely excited about using these tall-gal spaghetti-arms to my advantage.

If you’d like to know more about this crazy new challenge, or perhaps even support me in raising some £££ to punch cancer in the face, you can check it out here! (And – thank you!).

If I can do this – and by George, I’m going to – then you can absolutely crush your next challenge, too


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