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It’s time to get down to business. Are you ready?

Because, if you read my last article, Part One of this Comfort Zone Series (about boredom discreetly sabotaging our lives), then you’ll be RARING to get started on making some changes in your life.


…………….. (awkward silence)………………..

Ok. Let’s rewind things a little.

What we do know, is that we’ve had enough of letting boredom dictate our moods; our foods, and our feuds.

We recognise it, and we’re REALLY hoping for things to be different. Better, in fact. Because as I said before; boredom is excellent fuel for positive change.

Except… Change can be scary. Even when we long for it.

And change is only an option if we’re willing to do the one thing that makes most of us shrivel up…

… Get uncomfortable.

And I mean self-doubting, heart-racing, totally out-of-your-depth uncomfortable, too.

(Note: Step 1 in doing this is 100000 times easier, and nicer, than you might think. Keep reading!)

Up until now, everything you have under your belt – even the most challenging experiences you’ve survived – have been pulled into your comfort zone. You may not have liked all of them, but you have survived them. And now these are things that (at very the least) you know how to handle; and at best can do quite happily with your eyes shut – even though once upon a time they may have made you feel completely out of your comfort zone.

So, it’s time to shake things up and get uncomfortable again; in order to feel all of those feelings you’ve been craving that live on the other side of boredom, stillness, frustration and fear.

The good news….?

You’ve done it before! In fact, you’ve pushed your comfort zones SO many times before, you make it look easy!

And so, in order to build your courage to do it all over again, you are going to explore and celebrate everything you’ve already done.Tall Guides Magazine Comfort Zones Licence to Live List Tall Women Height ConfidenceIn a world where our to-do list never ends, and we are always focusing ahead; sometimes we forget to notice how amazingly far we’ve already come.

This quick exercise is always Step 1 for me when it comes to making changes and boosting my nerve, and always goes down a treat with the women we coach – even for those who are super busy!

It’s easy, extremely rewarding and, if you’re a list-lover like I am, will be the BEST list you’ve ever written… Because this is about listing everything you’ve already done, achieved or lived through. Every box is ticked, from the word go! YESSS!!

From travelling alone, to braving the first ‘I love you’; to surviving that heinous job interview, to leaving the house for the first time in weeks… This list is about recognising all of your accomplished experiences, regardless of their nature.

If it’s important to you, then get it on your list!

To give you an idea, here’s what a snippet of mine looks like:

Never gave up on learning to drive. Passed 3rd time around!

Bounced back stronger from total burn-out

Continue to work high-heels with confidence

Overcame my phobia of escalators (true story!)

Gained new qualifications in things that truly light me up

Reached out for help when I needed to

Pushed myself to get fitter for my health and wellbeing

For more guidance about getting the best out of your list, click to download your free “I Have Done!” list here.

Celebrating every experience so far is what gives you the guts to push yourself again.

The next stage will be figuring out your next challenge, beyond your current comfort zones… and then we’ll talk about how to get it ticked off on your list, too!

I hope you enjoy this exercise. You really deserve to.

Part 3 Coming Soon…

Next time, I’ll be telling you exactly what I’ve let myself in for in order to stretch myself…. GULP… !!!!!!tallguides share it