Deep breath. Let’s just rip the plaster off, shall we?

Ladies… Are you ever bored of your own voice?


Seriously though – do you ever find yourself reverting back to ‘that’ same old negative story, moan or gripe?

You know – the one which often blames someone or something… Where things didn’t turn out that well for you… And left you feeling a bit sh*t?

The story that somehow flies out of your mouth even when you don’t mean for it to… Kind of out of habit, more than choice?

Yep. I’m talking about that badboy.

Yet each time you find yourself talking about it (again), it doesn’t actually make you feel any better?

In fact – it compounds those sh*tty feelings. It isn’t an enjoyable experience.

To add insult to injury; you actually feel rather churned up, frustrated and/or guilty about playing that broken record again.

So not only do you dislike the story; but you dislike the side-effects! And it doesn’t even serve a purpose. GAHHHHH!!!!

Hands up – I’ve done it. Holy moly, I have DONE it. Even though I’m totally over it now, if I get caught up in a conversation relating to my favourite ‘moan’, I can feel my old stories bubbling up; ready to pour into the mixing pot of purposeless bitching.

In times like this I have to prescribe (and swallow) a big fat truth pill – and today I’m dealing them out like El Chapo.confidence inner voice licensetolive confidence coach tallgirl tallguidesYou don’t have to tell that same story in that same way ANY MORE.

It isn’t serving you.

It isn’t resolving the problem.

And it isn’t who you ‘are’.

Put. It. Away.

Right now.


You can create a new story. Because you’re bloody-well capable.

One that makes you feel a whole lot happier when you say it.

One that you feel pretty good about dropping into conversations, because – let’s remember – you’re fantastic company to keep.

From experience, it can take a bit of practice. I won’t lie.

On occasion, Lydia and I have even debated how the heck we can convert some of our more negative stories into something more productive, positive and healthy. But we always get there in the end.

And it feels SO MUCH BETTER when we consciously put the effort in and find that better version. Even if it just sits in our own head – it takes up a hell of a lot less space, energy and peace. Precious resources that deserve a bit of effort and TLC, right?

So – pay attention to your stories, where you can. Chances are if you’ve read this far you’ve probably had a couple of culprits come to mind.

As we all know – because our reality is ALWAYS the proof – what we focus on and put out into our lives, we get back in spades.

Thankfully we’re in the driver’s seat, eh?

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