Long Tall Sally recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary, marking the occasion with a series of in-store events around the globe. I went along to the Chiltern Street event in London where I was reunited with Florence & Claudia from the LTS campaign photoshoot, some of the women from #TeamTall as well as the beautiful LTS Brand Ambassador and British High Jumper, Isobel Pooley.Long Tall Sally Founder, Judy Rich opened with a nostalgic, emotional and heartfelt speech about the LTS journey over the past 40 years. Her vision at the beginning of this tall  fashion journey is something we all have to be thankful for, she’s an inspiring woman who built a brand that has stood the test of time.I was chatting to Isobel, saying that the only thing I really needed wardrobe wise was shoes and was getting her opinion, having not previously shopped for shoes at LTS. We were interrupted by one of the staff members holding a really big glass bowl with one small, rolled up, piece of paper in the bottom. Having not noticed the earlier ‘lucky dip’, I was mildly confused until she explained it was the last ticket and that it was mine if I wanted it! I unrolled the ticket and showed it to Isobel in disbelief! It read “WIN A FREE PAIR OF SHOES” – I couldn’t believe my luck! It was really crowded in the store so I’ve left the shoe selection until another day in the very near future, where I can take my time and find a pair I like. I was going through a really emotional time having just said a final farewell to one of my dogs so this stroke of luck was really appreciated and it genuinely brightened up my day. Thank you LTS. It’s when tall women come together offline that the magic happens and this event was certainly a success – I’m really happy I was a part of it.

Happy 40th Birthday LTS