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Sagina 6’0 : UK

I’m, Sagina I’m 6’0” and a London based certified career coach, workshop facilitator and speaker. I’m a collaborative and dynamic coach working with women in bu...
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Hi, I’m Marsha. I'm a 6’2 mum of two from Birmingham. I'm a happy, social, energetic soul with a few perfectionist ways. I'm big on talking and I enjoy gett...
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Jen 5’11 : UK

I’m Jen, 5’11” and married to Lydia - my best friend, partner in crime and co-founder of our coaching business. We own a rescue cat, keep up with ‘Orange Is The...


I’m Hattie, I’m a 6ft twenty-something writer and arts professional living in London. As well as writing features and articles, I have spent time working with a...
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SAM 5’11 : UK

Hi, I’m Sam, a 5’11 wife and mum to 2 young girls.  While my greatest passion is my family, fashion and shopping, travel and reading are also on my list of thin...