The other night I was out with the Awake Women crowd, who were talking about their trip to L.A. in early February. Lorraine casually said “you should come out to Los Angeles and see us at the Conscious Life Expo“. Without thinking, my mouth opened and “No” firmly entered the conversation!

Ever get the feeling that fear made a decision for you?!

I used to live in California with my first husband… USMC baby! That chapter of my life (& my marriage) came to an abrupt and unexpected end after 3 years when I was turned around at LAX by US immigration and sent back to the UK. Nothing sinister. No juicy gossip. Just a paperwork mix up but at that point in time the experience was a traumatic one. One that left me absolutely devastated.

I never went back.

A few days later, my conscious mind was mulling things over and I realised that fear had answered on my behalf. I began to think that maybe I should have said yes. I should be going back to L.A. to face my fears and visit the place where I had 3 of the best years of my life…

Recalling that a few of my other #teamtall friends mentioning that they’d be in L.A. early next year, I checked in and yes, you guessed it… they’ll be there in early February.

Next, I looked up flights and not only are they totally affordable but they have dropped in price! All signs seem to be pointing towards the West Coast so I’ve made a decision.

I’m saying “No” to fear and “Yes” to synchronicity!

I am going to L.A. in February.

The lesson? Intuition is the most honest friend you will ever have… listen to it!

Let’s Connect

If you’re in L.A. or are planning to be there in early February, please find me on twitter and let’s connect.

Published on October 2017

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