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Yawn. Another day, another dollar.

Another to-do list of similar tasks.

Another week of predictable meals, activities and conversations.

Another month of being so busy you can’t find time to do any of the things you’d (deep-down) LOVE to do… And yet, you can’t really remember the details that make up the past four weeks.

Stability and routine can be amazing things, and there is no doubt that we crave them (if not depend on them) to guide us through life, with a sense of confidence and assurance that we can handle whatever lies ahead. Except, we never really do know exactly what lies ahead.

Our evolutionary design has made us highly skilled at prioritising safety above all else. And our instincts often decide (with or without our consent) that being safe requires us to keep still and keep stuck; our bodies and minds safely tucked up in the cosy bosom of familiarity.

And of course, all of this (hypothetically) is to protect us from getting hurt.

Yet, all of a sudden; we realise one day that we are bored. Man oh man, we are SO bored!tallguides magazine licence to live bored confidence coach teamtall Boredom is a funny old thing. It comes dressed up in lots of different outfits, too: A wandering eye at your coworker (who isn’t even your type); that unnecessary doughnut at 11pm, or those pointless arguments just for the sake of feeling ‘somethingness’.

But boredom is also a superpower, because once we know that it’s hanging around, we can use it to fuel positive changes in our lives. And change creates excitement – even if it’s scary AF.

It’s ridiculously easy to kid ourselves that exciting things only happen to other people. I really believe that most of us have felt like this at some stage, particularly with social media’s ‘highlight-reel’ feeding our greedy comparison demons.

But in reality, we’ve simply become so enmeshed in our day-to-day routines that we rarely raise our heads to notice how many exciting, life-enhancing opportunities are whooshing past us all the time.

In fact, there’s probably a whole hoard of them sat waiting to be noticed right now.

It’s just a case of moving our gaze.

If you’d love to start noticing yours but aren’t sure where to start, we’d like to help. The Wheel of Life is an insanely popular and easy-to-use coaching tool which you can use by yourself, straight away, by mapping out all of the corners of your life and finding clarity on where you’d like a breath of fresh air. Download yours for free right here

Sorry, Evolution – it’s just that sometimes, the thing that ends up hurting the most is staying stuck. It makes us do things we don’t want to do.

And actually…

We really can do better than that.tallguides share it