Hello Ladies! I have been contributing to Tall Guides Magazine for a year now and it’s truly exciting. I am fashionably late for the celebration of our anniversary together, but I say better late than never. Right?! So as a celebration I figured I could give you all  a better look into my world on The East on the West with an article that will help make tall shopping a little less stressful.

Also, as I tap into my creative side to come up with some great post ideas for Tall Guides, you get to see a more personal side of me as well as my goal to bring you great fashion tips. So let’s dive right in.

Tackling a Challenging Body Feature

One of the challenges I have tackled as a tall woman is dressing my wide shoulders. Growing up I never understood my inverted triangle shape, but then again who was concerned with that as a child. LOL. As I got older of course I noticed the length of my arms and that my sleeves had to fall a certain way. What I didn’t realise that because I had such wide shoulders this was one reason why sleeves were not quite hanging right. Plus why certain tops made me look like a football player. So I did the research and played with a few cuts.Tall Fashion The East on The West Tall Guides Magazine fashion blogger akia height clothing tallguides

Click to see my top tips on How to Dress Wide Shoulders

No More Stress About Jeans Please

Reading posts from other tall women in the #teamtall Facebook group, the number one item that we all have been searching for is long enough jeans. Since jeans are my favourite wardrobe essential, I felt like I could definitely help in this area. My very first blog post was about a pair of extra long Lucky Brand Flares. Finding these in a local TJ Maxx was a huge win!

Of course along with knowing brands that carry your long inseams you can find the perfect pair for you. To help with that I started a Jeans Guide here and here sharing denim brands that I have myself with  longer inseams.Tall Fashion The East on The West Tall Guides Magazine fashion blogger akia height clothing tallguides

Shine From Within

As tall women we may all suffer from lack of confidence one time or another. We are human. And with the messed up views from society, it takes a lot to stand tall.  The most important thing we can have is confidence because no one else can be you. While thousands, if not millions, of people are trying hard to stand out from the saturated crowd you have come into this world with one unique physical feature that is a show stopper. Height! Which is why as a fashion & style blogger, I had to touch on Height Confidence and How To Have It. Trust me you got this.Tall Fashion The East on The West Tall Guides Magazine fashion blogger akia height clothing tallguidesI felt the need to write for Tall Guides Magazine and the #teamtall community because I want you know I am here to support my fellow tall sisters. For me it’s not about just wanting the attention and privileges of a style blogger, I want to help others who may not be as excited as I am about shopping. Especially with the lack of affordable clothing for tall women.

That’s why I want to hear from you about what you are struggling with when it comes to shopping. Where to find clothes, how to style this or that, or solutions to making it work. If you would like me to check out trends, retailers, or questions about styling let me know in the #teamtall facebook group or visit me on The East on the West for more.

And on that note always stand tall and confident. XOtallguides share it