Introducing Tall Guides

With community at the heart of all we do, Tall Guides Magazine has become the world’s fastest growing magazine for tall women.

We are dedicated to creating a positive and compassionate space online that encourages tall women to love their difference by standing tall, standing out and living a confident life on their own terms.tall guides magazine for tall women tallguides tall community tallgirls tall

Our Products

  • Tall Guides Magazine: is where we host a global conversation about fashion, lifestyle, work and wellbeing with our like-heighted readers. Our exceptional team of contributors are talented bloggers, writers, artists, coaches and experts, all of whom have built relevant and meaningful relationships with an audience who think, feel and often look, just like they do.
  • Tall Guides Stationery Cupboard: We stock a range of notebooks embalzoned with tall quotes – each one is a safe place where your ideas are encouraged and welcomed. Their crisp, blank pages are ready and waiting for your thoughts, dreams and aspirations… all of which could one day change the world. Shop the collection
  • Tall Guides & Directories: We frequently publish FREE tall-friendly guides and shopping directories; always looking to add value to our readers’ lives. Get the guides
  • The TG Weekender: You’ll hear it here first! Stay in the know with the TG Weekender. Our weekly newsletter lands in tall inboxes across the globe every Saturday at 10am UK.

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Our Tall Community

Tall Guides is where we work but #TEAMTALL is where we play! Our private Facebook community is a positive and supportive place, where women connect, encourage each other and grow in confidence. We are humbled and exceptionally privileged to be home to an engaged community of thousands of tall women from around the world.

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Our People

  • Founder & Editor : Sallee Poinsette-Nash (sal-ee-poin-set-nash), a 6’2 Londoner, Entrepreneur and Founder of Tall Guides Magazine. Following a realisation that she had been keeping herself small, Sallee embarked on a self-imposed ‘Tall Year’. One thing led to another and Tall Guides was born. Sallee has held interim CEO / COO positions and delivered brand strategy and advisory board roles to a high-profile client list. Alongside all things tall, Sallee works with people, startups and businesses to create authentic brands. To find out more, visit
  • The Tall Guides Team: There are around 30 tall women, regularly contributing to the magazine, along with our guest contributors. Our team of inspiring, talented and dedicated individuals from around the globe are passionate about encouraging more women to love their difference, unleash their potential and achieve their greatest results. Tall Guides is the sum of it’s people and you can meet them all here

Would you like to be part of life up here? If you’re interested in becoming one of our regular contributors, click to see if you’re ‘write for us’.

Brands we’ve worked with

The Tall Guides brand is positioned as a strong voice that adds value to the lives of tall women and we love to work with brands who strengthen that message.Tall Guides Magazine advertise partners tall community brands tall brand tallgirlsWe would like to invite the right brands to join us for what is shaping up to be a very exciting adventure. For a copy of our media pack or to learn more about how your brand can contribute to the conversation we’re having with women, head to the contact page or email

In the Media

Determined to learn to love her difference, 6’2 Tall Guides Founder, Sallee Poinsette-Nash embarked on a year of embracing her extra inches and saying yes to all things tall. She couldn’t have predicted the extraordinary journey that this decision would take her on. Not only did Sallee reach her desired destination of body confidence but word of her mission reached far and wide. Here are some of the places we’ve been featured in the media.tallguides magazine for tall women press media sallee poinsettenash salleepoinsettenashYou can see all of our media appearances over on the press page.

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