Drug Test

The test is more challenging for most people because the method of beating is not easy. It is easy to detect the traces of marijuana and other drugs from the hair. The metabolites can enter the hair within the first ten days of using it and it can last there for there for many months. This, therefore, mean that you must work very hard if you want to beat the system.

The test can catch you if you are a frequent drug user. If you do not use it frequently, the evidence might not be there. Secondly, if you were using that for a long time, then it might be easy to catch you. However, if you are a new user and you do not use it frequently then there are chances that you might survive the test if you have a workable method of concealing the metabolites in your body system.

The test can detect different kinds of drugs that you use such as cocaine, phencyclidine as well as Meth and several others including opiates. Make sure to learn how to pass a urine drug test after smoking pot for a long time. If you use the drug for the past days, it is possible that this test can detect it. It depends on how your hairs grow.

How to pass the test

Though this test can be very difficult to pass, it is still possible that you can pass it if you follow the correct techniques. There are different techniques, buy you must research any technique that you want to use to ensure that it works. Do not believe in many of the products that flood the internet claiming to be good at wishing away those metabolites in your body system.

Here are some of the methods that can work for you:

Hair detox shampoos

The first thing that you can use to deal with that system includes the hair detox shampoos. There are high-quality hair detox shampoos that you can use. The problem many people no longer believe on the products is because there are several of them on the market and many of these are not good. This makes it increasingly difficult to decipher the genuine one from those that are not working.

When you get a good one, it can work for you, but the challenge is in identifying those good ones that can actually work for you.

Majuco Method

Majuco is another method that you can rely on to pass this drug test. It was introduced to the market more than ten years ago and it has proven to be very effective when it comes to dealing with this kind of problem. This can work with any of the great shampoos such as Heinz vinegar as well as Aloe Rid Shampoo. You can also use any shampoo that has salicylic acid in them.

You have to apply a combination of these to your hairs and wash them. You must do this for a week or thereabout. It can remove any trace of the metabolites from your hairs. Your hairs may not look the best after that, but you amend it after but the interesting thing is that you are in a better position to pass the drug test.

The method is effective if you have sufficient time to apply it. If you do not have sufficient time to do that then you can think of another effective method that prevents the metabolites from showing up until the test period is over.

The hair test is a serious test; this is because it can be requested to confirm the outcome of a urine test. The tendency is that you may not have enough time on your side to plan for how to overcome it. In the bid to overcome, several suggestions are made and some of them can only complicate your problems for you. Here are some of the methods that you must avoid at all costs because they might lead you to problems.

Some hair follicle methods that you must avoid

You will be asked to drink plenty of water. While water can flush out toxins from the body system, it is not effective when it comes to flushing those on your hairs.

Jogging is also not the right way to overcome the hair follicle challenge. It is not relevant to the hair test.

Bleaching and dying the hair is not the best option to overcome that challenge. One problem with that method is that it is unhealthy. The other thing is that it may not work, as there is no evidence that suggests that this method can actually work for you.

Saliva test

This is also known as the mouth swab test. It is the third popular. It is not indeed popular. In instances where this type of drug test is ordered, it is to discover the cause of the workplace accident.

This means that the aim of this test is to look for short-term evidence that somebody has used a drug within the shortest time. The best way to discover that is through the saliva. Research has shown that drugs be retained in the saliva for up to four days and thereabout.

Another thing with the system is that laboratories and employers of love find this technique more convenient to do. It is not difficult to obtain the samples and it is not difficult to test the samples as well.

Just as it is easy to do the test, in the same way, different opportunities to pass the test also presents itself.

The test is rampant in Europe; it is not popular in America unless it is done for a workplace accident. To get samples for that test, you can get the samples from the mouth using cotton and other methods. Tests can come out in less than ten minutes time. Different kits can be used for the test, but it depends on different laboratories.

Passing a saliva test

It is possible to pass the saliva test. The best way to pass that test is to avoid smoking. If you drop smoothing for a week or two before the test is carried out, chances are there that you can the test without helping your system with any technique.

What determines the type of method to pass the test is the time available to you. If you do not have sufficient time to plan for that test, then you can consider using any of detoxing methods to remove traces of that from your saliva.

Oral gum neutralizer

When you do not have sufficient time, then you can try using oral gum neutralizer products. When you apply this, your saliva will be neutralized within the next 24 hours. It can clear it from your body system within the shortest time. The problem is ensuring that you use the correct product. If you use the correct product, you can achieve a good result.


Furthermore, there are some mouthwash products, which you can use to pass that test. There are several of them on the market. You have to search diligently in order to discover them.

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